Ways to be your own Landscape Designer

OK, OK. I understand that all you garden enthusiast types call the winter the off-season, or your down-time, but it does not need to be that way. In the same method that sports groups use their off-season, you can use yours.

(Sorry, the Super Bowl was simply this last weekend and I have not recovered yet). Exactly what you need to do is some preparation and creating.

IN the exact same way that a coach doesn't head out and simply grab some person off the street, you are going to be very disappointed if you do not put the ideal plants in the best place.

You also require to know exactly what some of the possiblities might be. If you live in Alaska, you a re not going to be planting the same plants that you would if you in Florida.

The Virtual Gardener has some great connect to give concepts and point you in the best instructions. Under the "Regional Gardner" heading there is an option to locate your zone (http://www.vg.com/cgi-bin/v2/gezonefind/ ... This is the sort of zone that a lot of nurseries, online and otherwise, use to assist you know exactly what plants you can plant. All you have to do is punch in your zip code, and it will let you understand. view They will even provide you some details about your zone.

Under the "How-to Resources" there is an option for landscaping that will result in the link to become your own landscape designer (http://www.vg.com/cgi-bin/v2/gemag/PID=6 ... Who better than you to understand what you desire? You know exactly what planting zone you are now in, this will help you to decide, what, where, and ways to plant your garden or backyard.

Rather than offering you cookie cutter designs, the Vitual Gardener helps you comprehend the theory behind what you are attempting to accomplish. The possibilities for that reason, are unlimited.

Provide the Virtual Gardener a try and let me understand how it ends up. Until next time.

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